Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bulkheads completed

Today I collected my car’s fuel supply for the week. A local restaurant in Newcastle, Zinc, supply me with enough used cottonseed oil for about a week. Thanks guys! If you’re a local, check them out in Darby Street, you won’t be disappointed with the great food these guys turn out.
100_6858 Here is my fuel filtering station. It’s a simple setup (I like simple!) that has worked for me for the past 5 years or so. Basically, the cold, used cottonseed oil is tipped into these plastic drums in which are suspended 5micron food grade filtering bags. I have liners in them which are changed out every few weeks. What you see coming out the taps goes straight into my car’s fuel tank. The car is a 1993 Mercedes 300D, a 3 litre naturally aspirated 6cyl diesel, and this particular one has been served this fuel diet for 2.5 years so far.
This car is perhaps the greenest car in NSW, or maybe Australia?? The other cool feature I’ve installed of the car is its 2micron engine oil filter in addition to the standard oil 45micron oil filter. This 2 micron filter constantly cleans up the oil, removing the need for oil changes, and so further reducing it’s impact on our environment.
Well, that’s a little bit of a diversion to let you know something of my other passion!
Back to the Goat….
100_6861 Here I am sanding the cut-out of bulkhead #2 with a handy little drum sander attached to my cordless drill. These are cool little tools and so handy for this type of job!
100_6882 Here the holes in bulkhead #3 are being cut out. The jigsaw is a Triton, an Australian brand that recently fell on hard times and actually folded. Happily they have now made a comeback, so we can continue to enjoy using the fine tools they make. I was lucky that Santa put this in my sack last Christmas by my loving wife:) A cool feature of this particular saw is its scrolling control. My right hand is guiding the saw, and my left hand is controlling the scrolling knob which controls blade direction. With this precise control you can cut 360deg circles without changing the direction of the saw. The advantage of this is that the foot of the saw can be fully supported on solid material at all times.
100_6883 All 4 bulkheads are now complete, together with side arms for #2 and #4 which don’t get attached until after the hull has been assembled. This is BH3.
I’m going to miss the old table when it has to make way for the Goat. It has been really useful as a nice big workstation.
I’m hoping to go 3D in the next couple of weeks, after I have coated the parts with epoxy, so check back soon.
Thanks for coming along! See you next time :)

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