Saturday, May 22, 2010

Varnishing the topsides completed!

I want my boat to look nice, but I’m not beating myself up over a perfect finish. I just don’t have the time or inclination any more to spend hours achieving a perfect finish, but the boat has taken up a lot of my time to get it to this point, so I think it deserves to look reasonably good.

I feel that a gloss bright finish lets you get away with a few drips and runs here and there, so this was my choice. Out on the water I’ll be wearing sunglasses so the glare won’t matter :)

As was discussed in my post on 18 April 2010, the timber was first sealed with epoxy (West System 105 epoxy with 207 hardener), and then overcoated with Norglass Weatherfast Marine Varnish.

Here’s a short video of the GIS before I turned the hull to start work on the bottom.



    ("What accent?" you ask...)

    Beautiful job Bruce, a boat that will give the NL Team a run for their money!

    Sweet idea on the vid, maybe I can stir something up when I'm done.

  2. Hehe, born in South Africa, so the accent's a legacy that will be with me forever. I've lived in Australia for 31 years, so there's a measure of "strine" in there I guess!

  3. By the way, thanks for your kind comments :)