Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Front buoyancy tank top fitted

The front tank top(or should that be for’ard tank top, aaarrrgghh!) has been fitted. I found this was a slow process of test fitting, shave, test fit, shave and so forth about 100 times before the top finally just dropped into place. I managed to spill some DNA onto the ply tonight when my finger caught a bit of razor sharp, dried epoxy on a clamp. Ouch! This was only the second instance of drawn blood during the build. I previously cut myself on some dried epoxy when making the dagger board, so please be careful of the dried pox. It bites! Anyway, I hope it’s a “Good Luck” omen!

This is how the Goat look looks now. The seat and tank tops are not yet glued, just fitted, because the insides now have to be epoxy coated to seal the timber before they are ready for that step. Note also that the screws holding the sides to the stem will eventually be removed once the tank top is glued down and the gunwales/inwales are installed. Those components will then transfer nearly all the stresses from the sides away from the stem.

100_7000 100_7006 100_6969 100_7003 100_7001

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