Saturday, October 10, 2009

Why "Shesha!" ?

Shesha is a Zulu word meaning "fast" or "hurry up!". I was born and raised in South Africa, so the Zulu had a great influence on my early life. Shesha! just seemed to be an appropriate name for for a boat like the GIS. 
Shesha is pronounced as Share-sha

-shesha v/i. [ˈʃɛ:ʃa]
be fastbe quickbe rapidbe speedy
be hastybe hurriedbe in a hurry
hurryget a move on
be urgent

Compounds and phrases (verbatim)
shesha [ˈʃɛ:ʃa] ← shesha
Imperative singular of -shesha (v/i.)

be fast

Shesha is also a Hindu deity, or Naga.

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